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interview in a bit. good luck to myself.

Minnesota nice.


Probably the best post I’ve seen in a while.

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It’s so fucking weird how girls can just tell when our periods start. Like the exact fucking moment. You’re just sitting in bed or standing in line for groceries and your face does that thing kind of like in That’s so Raven when Raven gets a vision

Actual truth


on repeat


Drew Barrymore was such a babe in the 90s

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pinup/rockabilly blog x

Winona Ryder, Girl, Interrupted (1999)

Hannah Louise Clark



I have been in this car for far too long I am going to die

that outfit on point doe omg in love

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I can see it in your eyes
Like I taste your lips
I’m very sorry

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Please send me a fruit?

  • Strawberry - I’m in love with you.
  • Cherry - I love you.
  • Watermelon - I think you’re cute.
  • Blueberry - You’re amazing.
  • Kiwi - You’re pretty
  • Rasberry - You’re hot.
  • Plum - I would fuck you.
  • Paopu Fruit - I would date you.
  • Grapes - I could stay on your blog for hours.
  • Starfruit - You are my tumblr crush.
  • Orange - I want to get to know you.
  • Tangerine - We have a lot in common.
  • Lemon - I wish you would notice me.
  • Lime - I don’t talk to you but I really love your blog.

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